Sara Enrile Lacalle

City Coordinator/Event Manager/Web Manager

I am a Spanish hosted by Magdeburg 8 years ago. I‘m a Phd student in the Neuroscience field with a passion for organization and science outreach. I love not only doing research, but also just chatting with people about science while having a pint. Let’s meet for Pint of Science in Magdeburg!

Marina Leiman

Event Manager/Web Manager

I am an Argentinian psychologist focusing my PhD research on interindividual differences in healthy aging. I believe scientific dissemination is crucial to enabling people to benefit from science in an accessible manner. Can't wait to have our first Pint of Science in Magdeburg!

Sebastian Samer

Sebastian Samer

Event Manager/Venue Manager

While as a neuroscientist and spend most of my time in the lab, I also like bringing people together to talk about their day-to-day experiences and thoughts in a different context.